Weatherproof Round Box 5 1/2"
Holes GY

Product #: S-47

Weight: 1


Round Outlet Box, 17 Cubic Inches, 4-1/8 Inch Diameter, Hub Size 1/2 Inch, Silver, Aluminum, with 5 Outlets, Four on the Sides and One in Back.
  • Precision cast and machined surfaces permit safer wire pulling.
  • Clean cover edges provide good gasket sealing.
  • Clear UL and cubic content markings speed approval by inspectors.
  • Deep slotted stainless steel cover screws for faster installations.
  • Spacious, accessible wiring chamber provides a convenient location to maintain or change a system, pull conductors and make splices
  • Junction box for branch conduits.
  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Finish: Aluminum lacquer
  • Color: Silver
  • Diameter: 4 1/8""
  • Hub Size: 1/2""