Expandable Zone Controller, up to 12 zon

Expandable Zone Controller,
up to 12 zon

Product #: UTI312

Weight: 0.3


The UTI312 Zone Paging Contoller provides multi-zone paging for one-way applications such as self-amplified speaker systems, with each output capable of providing audio for up to 150 self-amplified speakers.The UTI312 is compatible with all standard analog port types.
  • Expandable from 3 to 12 zones with ZX3 (1-3 zone) modules
  • 24 zone groups
  • Interface with any telephone port type
  • Two background music inputs with variable muting options
  • 1A power supply included
  • 150 speaker T/R drive capacity per output
  • Override, triggered tones, night ring, code calling, and AUX relay contact