Flushmount Outdoor Access
Control keypad

Product #: SK-1123-FQ


The Enforcer SK-1123-FQ Flush-Mount keypad is rugged, vandal-resistant, and weatherproof, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Suitable for flush-mount applications. Fits conveniently in back box
  • 2 Outputs:
      o Main relay (Form C 5A@30VDC).
      o Auxiliary (Transistor ground 100mA@24VDC)
  • Relay can be programmed for momentary (1~999 seconds) or latch
  • Programmable LED keys: Full-time ON, ON when keys are pressed, Full-time OFF; suitable for solar applications
  • Code flexibility: Each code can be 4~8 digits long
  • Egress input for exiting the protected premises
  • Dual voltage: 12~24 VDC/VAC operation
  • Tamper switch: N.C. dry contact 3A@12VDC
  • Mantrap: For a protected area with 2 doors, this feature allows only 1 door to be open at any time
  • All features are programmed directly from the keypad, eliminating the need for an external programmer
  • Duress output: Signals a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced to open the door under duress
  • Door-forced-open and door-propped-open alarm output
  • Door-hold-open mode available
  • Keypad can be programmed to emit beeps for key presses or operate in silent mode
  • Auto or manual code entry checking:
      o Auto: No # key required after each code
      o Manual: # key must be pressed after every code