3 Zone Module

Product #: PCMZPM

Weight: 2


The Bogen PCMZPM module provides three zones of paging to the PCM2000 system. Up to three PCMZPM modules can be used in a basic system to provide up to nine zones of paging. Additional modules can be combined with a PCMCPU module in a satellite system when more than nine zones are required. Each PCMZPM module lets you set the talk back option (on or off) and background music options for each zone. Each zone can be connected or disconnected from the background music bus. Furthermore, the entire module can be disconnected from the bus and a local background music source substituted. Each module can also be configured for high-power operation (when using passive speakers and a central amplifier), or low-power operation (supplying low level signals to amplified speakers). A relay driver is provided for each zone, becoming active when the zone is active.