Amplifier Central Processor

Product #: PCMCPU

Weight: 1.85


The Bogen Model PCMCPU is the microprocessor module for the Bogen PCM Zone Paging System. One module is required per assembly (up to three PCMZPM zone modules). The PCMCPU module provides power, data and audio connections for the PCM system.

The PCMCPU module is connected to other PCM modules electrically through internal cables. Modules are mechanically joined by sliding together interlocking tabs and securing with a screw on the rear panel. The system is designed to be wallmounted with the modules side by side like books on a shelf, the PCMTIM is far left, the PCMCPU is first from left and the (first) PCMZPM module is on the right.

The PCMCPU module includes a set of DIP switches that set the System ID, a POWER LED, a PROGRAM/RUN switch, a DATA LINK RCA jack (used to connect to satellite systems), power in jack/terminals, and audio connections for PA, lowpower BGM, high-power BGM, emergency/shift change trigger and auxiliary contacts.
  • Component of the PCM2000 and other custom Bogen systems
  • Stores all programmed parameters
  • One module required per 9 zones (one per 3 PCMZPM 3-zone paging modules)
  • Wall-mount design
  • UL & C-UL listed