MicroStarTM Door
Frame/Mullion Reader

Product #: MS-3000X


The MS-3000X from KERI is a MicroStar Proximity Reader that is designed to mount directly on a metal window/door frame (mullion) or any other location a small reader is required. This is a proprietary format reader that offers higher security than a standard Wiegand device and will only work with Keri controllers based on the PXL-500P family. The MS-3000X MicroStar Reader measures just 3.4 x 1.4 x 0.38 (86 mm x 36 mm x 10 mm) with a read range of up to 4 (10 cm).
  • Door frame/mullion
  • Superior performance in small, sleek attractive packages
  • Read range: up to 4"" (10 cm)
  • LED indicator: tri-color standard (red, green, amber)
  • Keri MS-Series mullion-mount reader for door and window mullion