Photo Beam

Product #: 8080-031

Weight: 18.7


Secondary entrapment prevention devices are required in almost all general access automated gate applications. Photo-cells are used as type B1 (non-contact) sensing devices.

Photo-beams are refered to as ""non-contact"" or type B1 devices, while reversing edges are refered to as ""contact"" or type B2 devices. Industry safety standards require that a secondary entrapment prevention device be installed with all gate operators. Your professional DoorKing dealer will advise you of the type and number of devices necessary to protect your gate system and to make it as safe as possible for all concerned.
  • 24-240 VAC/12-240 VDC
  • Maximum 65-feet sensing distance
  • Includes sender and receiver.
  • Modulated infrared Beam
  • Rated for outdoor use
  • Compact unit with 1/2 inch conduit fittings on the back and bottom.