Transmitter MicroPLUS With
Special Codin

Product #: 8069080LBRTXCD

Weight: 18.7


The DoorKing gate remote 8069080LBRTXCD is a one-button, easy to program and easy to use remote transmitter that's designed to keep your space secure and permit you access whenever you need it. This one-button MicroPlus gate and garage door opener is a keychain-style, hard plastic remote that features a battery indicator light and the sturdy reliability that DoorKing is famous for.

The affordable and extremely convenient DoorKing 8069080LBRTXCD MicroPlus 1-button gate and garage door remote transmitter can go wherever you go. Because it's so small, you can add it to your key ring or slip it into your pocket, purse or backpack; it's incredibly light, so you'll barely notice that it's there. This ultra-handy remote transmitter can be programmed for security gates or for garage doors, making it the perfect gadget to have every time you leave the house.
  • Operates with Doorking MicroPlus receivers and transmitters
  • 268,000,000 MicroPlus transmitter codes available.
  • Encrypted ""sync"" MicroPlus code changes each time the transmitter is used.
  • MicroPlus Transmitter button combinations allow a single transmitter to control multiple locations.
  • PROXmitters combine RF control with a proximity tag.
  • Test/operate LED
  • Molded-in hole to accept keychain or keyring
  • Black case
  • Power: Long-life 12 V battery
  • Frequency: 318 MHz

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