50 Transmitter Codes

Product #: 8057-081

Weight: 18.7


MicroCLIK RF receivers are designed to provide convenience and security. MicroCLIK transmitters are factory coded to 1 of over 1 million available codes. These RF controls are ideal for single-family homes, gated communities, apartment complexes, business offices and industrial sites. MicroCLIK transmitter codes usually can be copied into the built-in transmitters found in many luxury automobiles, however we do not guarantee this commonality or functionality.
  • Designed for multi-user stand-alone applications
  • Can store up to 16000 transmitter codes
  • Uses 8066-080, 8067-080 and 8068-080 transmitters, includes batteries, 318MHz
  • Single Pole relay
  • Built-in programming keypad for adding and deleting individual codes
  • 10 facility codes
  • Can not be programmed for weigand output mode
  • Dry contact relay
  • ""F"" type antenna connector
  • 12-24 volts, AC or DC