Light Indecator

Product #: 1603-210

Weight: 18.7


The DKS Traffic Signal is an ideal accessory for any automated vehicular gate system. The traffic signal is especially useful for use with barrier gate operators and provides drivers with a visible indication of when it is safe to proceed through the traffic lane. The signal is synchronized with the movement of the gate so that the red signal is on at all times and changes to green only when the gate is open or the barrier arm is up.
  • Red / green signal operates in sync with operator.
  • 8-inch lenses
  • 8000 hour / 67 watt traffic bulbs.
  • Illuminated with two 67-watt, 8000 hour traffic lamps.
  • 115 VAC.
  • UL Listed.
  • Dimensions: 21""H x 9.75""W x 14""D.